Essential Ingredients

What do you think ‘Essential Ingredients’ means?
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    Riya said,

    I think it means the most important ingredients or features that go into a recipe or a piece of writing.

  2. 2

    Riya said,

    On the website someone said it could be essential ingredients to be a good learner but I didn’t know what it meant.I think it means that the essential ingredients are the competences to be a reflective learner.

  3. 3

    Rachel said,

    Essential ingrediants mean the things that make it
    the essential ingrediants for a book is

  4. 5

    Riya said,

    Here are somethings that you can have essential ingredients for:
    Music-Use sounds and instruments to create a piece of music we like
    Drama/acting-Use expressions,gesters and clear voices
    Survival-common sense,keeping safe,clothing, health/hygene,shelter,food/water and safe enviroment.

  5. 6

    Riya said,

    For essenstial ingredients for survival.There is something called the 6H’s.(I done this for my homework.)I think it’s really useful.

    H2:Home (shelter)
    H4:Healthy Eating

    If you want to learn more about this go to this website:

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