Interpreting data

This week in Numeracy we are looking at data handling.

Play this game to practise your skills!
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Interpreting data, posted with vodpod


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    Riya said,

    I enjoyed this game.You can recored data in lots of ways.In this game they have recored it in a frequency table.You can also recored data in a tally chart,bar chart,pictogram,line graph or a pie chart.I like doing tally charts,pictograms and line graphs.

    Theres something called mean/average,mode,median and range aswell.You can use it to find out facts about data.

  2. 2

    Riya said,

    Today with Mr M we explored and learned about pie charts.First he said what is a pie?I said it was a tasty treat. Then after that funny bussiness we got to the serious part ‘THE TEST BASE QUESTIONS’. I was confident on the first two but the last two were challenging.We ask ourselves mathamatical queations so as to make us think.

  3. 3

    Sahar said,

    I have enjoyed being in Mr M’s group too it was very fun and it is funny.

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